Monday, July 25, 2005

Love is?!?

hmm... the clock is 3.11am and it's 25 july. My first class for sem 2 is at 9am. oh gosh! i should haven been in bed. haa.. Randon thoughts in my mind, nothing serious but nothing useless.

actually hardly had any rest today. had only slept for 4 hours during the last 48 hours though i have been in bed for 17 hours the previous nite. What unhealthy lifestyle you must be thinking.

Went to city today, fish market to be exact after watching Jacky Wu eat a lot of seafood in Crossroad Show. He TEMPT me!! Tried out some fresh from oceans seafood. Food there, mm.. fresh lo.. not very tasty but if u are going for sashimi, that's the place you want to be at. There are a lot of sea gull flying over there. and my first step there is to avoid the shits. lucky me to notice that one of the birds shits when it takes off, and i notice one bird flying towards us. and it daringly shit. phew. what a close shave.

Ate quite a lot of things, seafood platter consists of deep fried calamari, grilled fish, fried prawns, fried crabstick, grilled octopus, etc. Then shared another half of BBQ lobster with lots of cheese on it with kong huei. Arh, i am also sensitive with the lobster. Tot only prawns will make my mouth itchy. My favourites are still the oyster.. fresh oyster... i m loving it.. haha.. grab 3.. hope my hormone stay balance today.. lolz..

The itch on my mouth and throat subside after i gulp down one bottle of water. lucky. The allergy not that serious la.. hee.. After that, went to the kino. First visit after i came to Sydney. I love to be surround by books. Felt knowledgable. haha. Tots of buying harry potter but dint at the end. It would cost me 30 dollars. my heart will bled. haa. Anyway, my sis got it, so i would have something to do at the summer holidays when i am back in singapore. hee.

Wait, what is the title today.. haha.. sorry mates. thatz just a random thoughts. i don't know what to input there. So just put my nick in msn:
爱情是:牵着你的手时,感觉你是我的全部; 如果放手可以让你幸福,那么 i do
Love is: When i hold your hand, i felt that you are my everything; If letting go of them, will have bliss on you, then 我愿意

that was what i am thinking when sitting between the crowd at the city. Seeing couple walking around, holding hands, kissing.. just some random thoughts.. Just the sudden feeling...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

semut will only move forward but not backward

10:56 AM  
Blogger chinwooi said...

is it? i tot they can u turn? haha.. who are u anyway?

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

er..i am sure u know wat i mean.

8:32 PM  

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