Saturday, July 23, 2005

Uni starting soon~

Haih.. 25th is coming.. it's coming.. gosh.. i am a bit.. mmm.. dunno la.. 2nd sem here, but i m still like in my first sem. not really used to the surrounding. all i have done is always stay at home and sleep, watch movie, play games. it's so dull. i gotta step out of the house. hee.
something wrong with my chin. the beard is coming out faster than ever. and of course i have to shave it. either something wrong with my skin, or something wrong with the beard. my chin is still so rough. it's funny to touch it. think something wrong. got to the supermarket to get a shaver cream. hope it solve. aih.. guy also so mafan one. have to use wat after shave, shaving cream etc.. y cant it be easier.. haa..
feeling pretty bad lately. think relationship is a hard thing. someone hypnotised me please. let me forget all these things. forget who i once love, and take away those feelings for me. i feel bad. i am a complicated person and i make it complicated as well. take the love part away. plz....


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