Monday, May 23, 2005

Week 12

Week 12 of my study!! Week 13 of my stay in Australia.. but i still miss Singapore, JB a lot!! or rather, i should say i miss my friends and families!! It's so true that I never know how much I LOVE THEM until i am not with them~~~~~ I really need some new friends, some new entertainment, some new stuff to add spices into my life..

The fact that this surrounding loneliness is not good in the sense i just cant focus on my studies, i flirt with every girl i talk to.. haa.. bad bad.. Really trying hard to study.. focus simply on study.. but social life are equally important i guess!! and i m really missing a big big part of it..

What a weekend i really spend.. actually did not really do much.. but somehow listen to a lot of things.. Continuously, 2 friends told me about LOVE problem, then another told me about FAMILY problem.. The fact that they are so close to me, i really worried about them.. I can't do anything about it.. i just hope everything went well for them~~ I don't know whether i am a good listener or not, but i hope what i tell them will be useful..

Everytime i listen to others' problem, i relate to what has happen to me.. Seems like I have been doing that all the times.. and of course, there are things that are not really right, either from ownself or others, else where will the problems be coming from? You never know it's ur mistake when u are not looking at it.. Thatz why i always try to look at things from outsider view.. It benefits me, cool me down, settle myself on the road of rationing.. You go through it, you grow.. You escape it, you never learn the lesson.

Recently really like to swim.. I am not a good swimmer, but i do enjoy the time swimming.. makes me forgot certain problems while i try to concentrate on my strokes (else i will be choked by the chlorinised water!!) hee.. It is really comfortable to stay in the pool.. but my wound on my finger doesn't seems to be healing.. think really got infected.. shit.. anyone know how to cure it? sien..

Working my way up the stairs will allowed me to see the never ending end of the staircase.. mm.. hope there's something good that will happen to me.. Discipline should be the key... Cheers all.. Take care! and finally, a problem is not a problem if it cannot be solved~~~~ by ENGINEER ANT


Anonymous tRue said...

wat happen to ur finger?? got a cut? if u can tahan the pain (which i think u can) go buy dettol then pour a quater cup out n mix w water.. clean e wound will works

11:56 PM  

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