Friday, February 04, 2005

D!sT@nCe |oVe

Distance love is never easy,
especially when you are living far apart.
However each mile that seperates 2
truly care,
can be joined with strong love they have

The loneliness you feel when you are far
can sometimes easily defeat the love.
This happens especially when you miss
who u want to share ur life with,
and when they are not able to be by your

Have faith in each other,
and believe that they do feel the same as
When you are far apart,
you will easily doubted whether their love

Have faith in each other,
and stand firm with your trust.

Though sometimes it might be tough,
for the sake of long lasting relations, this
is a

Think of one another's emotional needs,
let the other knows that you always care.
Make full use of the time when you are
open up your heart and share.

Respect that sometimes each of us need
some space,
but it does not mean that they dun want
you to be around.
We all need some privacy on our own,
never says we no longer need the love we
used to share.

Do not let the seeds of jealousy
grow deep in your heart.
If you let this happened,
your relationship will surely be doomed to
fall apart.

Be honest to how you feel,
and never lead the other one on.
It is unfair and irresponsible to play around
with other's feelings,
and turn around one day and walk away.

Never give up for your love,
and hold on to what you feel from deep
For love that is sincere and strong,
will be held together, no matter how far
you are apart...........


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