Tuesday, February 15, 2005

It's Countdown number 7

Happy Valentines Day!!!
Finally, the day has arrived. Remember this?
When the number reach 7, i want to say i LOVE u......
However, i didn't say it.. why? it's not the time..
I did find her, after much difficulties.. hee..
Chat a lot with her, really feel good.. however, i myself are not certain what is the feeling inside..
So, shall not do too much.. the good thing is she accept my gift..
THANKS! hee...

Okie.. Enough for this story...
Some of you might puzzle why countdown number 7?
I am leaving.. On the 20th.. and today 14th Feb is the 7th day b4 i leave...
a lot of ppl have been asking me , how are you feelings now...
the girl is right.. mixed feelings..
i feel sad, sad that i am leaving 2 places that i am so familiar with;
sad that i am leaving my families, am sad that i am leaving my friends...
without all these, i am bound to be lonely..
i feel happy, happy that i get to have the chance to study..
pursue my degree, i see this as a chance to go higher.. to have a chance of better life..
happy that i get to go overseas to take up yet another challenge!
am i up to it? the answer is just 2 years away..


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