Thursday, May 19, 2005

too much bad thing influencing me...

I really dont have much determination!! Must find a way out.. If my concentration is lousy, then i must do some other things to overcome that.. too playful..
mmm.. regarding previous post, guys, plz treat it as something stupid.. read then forget!! i m just too bored!!
well, there are certain things that i cant post it right up here.. i need to do some soul searching.. sometimes things just happen like this.. i really dunno how to handle.. especially with girls.. somebody teach me..
2 choices will hang myself.. i know it better than others.. so, aih.. rather not talk about it..
mmm.. recently having mood swing.. but not bad one.. always laughing a lot.. then suddenly temper come, but for awhile then i will there laughing and dancing again.. frens here keep saying i kena struck by lightning... mmmm...
but i prefer this way!! haa.. i prefer to called this my peak.. the stage of forgetting my own!! then everything just fall in place!! hee.. i always got this luck.. hope it will maintain!! Happy Go Lucky!!!!!!!!


Anonymous tRue said...

well.. dun say i did nt leave any comments hor..haha..
told u b4 gers r very complex creatures le.. even gers sometime dun really understand gers...but mos of them can common traits de..
anyway dun think too much time think of me more lahz..haha..OPS!!

12:45 AM  

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