Thursday, March 03, 2005

The first post from Sydney

I am writing this post at very different place. Not a place like home. A different continent from where i used to be. I am at Sydney now. To continue my studies. Another chance to pursue my studies, to get reborn.
Times go back to 20th Feb, 6.30pm
I am at Changi Airport, Singapore. Queuing up and checking in my flight, i don't feel anything. Numb. Have been to a lot of so-called 'farewell party' by my friends. Just proceed with everything need to be done.
My families was with me, papa, mama, and khina. Chin Ping, Calvin and XinYi is somewhere at the airport having dinner. Richard, Steve and Yusuf arrived. They wait for me to check-in. Then minghan & kwang hui reach. Andy & Joanna also. Plus Kiat Yiu.
We sit at Burger King taking photos while some of them makan. Chit chat a bit. Friends came one by one.
Huoy Lee, Michelle, Robin & Winnie. Rowan, CaiQin, Ziling. Tat Yeong, Celest, Kai Song. and Hui Meng, Odelia, LYang, Wai Ee and May Senn.
Total 25 of them. I took photos one by one with them or in groups. By the time i realized, it is already 7.30. Time for me to go into the gate. While walking towards the gate, my Chin How and future sis-in-law (Angel) came. I took one last photo with my bro. At that time, my eyes are suddenly covered with tears. It just rolled down subconciously. Just trying to wipe it off. Dont want to let others see. I don't really feel that sad. especially when i saw such a big group of frens coming to send me off. I am touched. I am glad. I am gratitude. but not sad. I suddenly felt so lost before walking thru the gate. They get me laptop and bag (it is so so heavy). I dunno what to do. Everything's still so blur. Looking around my families and friends for one last time with my watery eyes. Everything look blur. I wave to them and say thank you. Ode hug me. Then i turn and walk away, forgetting to wave them good bye.
Suddenly, Richard come by, stop me, took my hand. He says, 'See you in OSAKA!' then rowan came also. Yusuf, Andy, Kwang Hui also. i am shocked.
I cant remember anything after that. I just walked in the gate, gave my passport to the custom officer. Then waved them off with one last good bye. Walking around the passenger area. Dunno where to go. Found the smoking area, and took a puff. Bought one cigg also. After much dwelling, i went to the waiting area. Messages started to flew in. Everyone messages me. I am so so lost. Some called also. oh man, i keep wondering am i doing the right thing.
Flashes of them coming to shake my hand keep on repeating in my head even after i board the flight. I am still lost.

to be continue..................


Blogger Laily said...

U left out my name leh.. *punch*

How's everything going on there? Suddenly thought of u and well.. luckily i still remember ur blog add..

Must keep me update yar.. take care..

9:19 PM  
Blogger peanutboy's_mailbox said...

its touched and still fresh in my mind. But your hairstyle? hehe!!

Enjoy your day ahead, and Take good care on friend!

6:07 PM  

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