Sunday, June 19, 2005

What is your greatest fear?

Well, it's been a long time since i made any post here? My first paper is friday and until now, i have been doing nothing except watching a few movie. I have been doing all this while the whole semester. It's been really, you know slack i call that. Think i really regret it now, really hope i have the time machine to travel back on time.
However, i am glad that i spend this evening watching this movie, COACH CARTER. Well, it's about basketball. My favourite sport, though it's been a long time since i played any. Oh, wait, i should not say that it's about basketball. The show is simply inspiration. I don't know how to describe the show, but it is a must watch movie, definitely.
Coach Carter is always repeating this, "What is your greatest fear?" in the movie to one of his player. That's today title. Haha. Well, in my life, i may not have find that yet. but it's clear in the message that was sent out in the movie. Go watch it, hope it just give u the inspiration u need there.
Life has really been great to me i should say, everything did really went well for me. Even from others people point of view, what i have done might not be exceptional. but u see, i am doing fairly well. So it's always stuck with me at just do it. There's no cause of worries. Everything will just fall into places. I don't know the word hardworking. or i simply forget it after so many years.
I am lucky. I never think of the future. What are you going to do? What will you be doing? What i did is just get on my life. Those questions never really struck me. However, after my 1st paper, well.. i think this is the worst done paper in my whole life. What is wrong with me? I have not been studying and i really deserve to fail. I had a short nap after that paper, woke up feeling really weird. Thinking i am going to be 23. Almost quarter a century i have been living. Well, what have i done? What have i achieved? Where is my discipline? Where is my inspiration? And what the hell i am living for?
I do once answer meng that, well, the meaning of life is simply to live. How meaningful this life is going to be, it's all depends on your hand. How you going to do? How many things are you going to put. Well, truly speaking, I have done none. There's no input, i have been wasting resources. Sadly.
mm.. alright mate, times for me to get serious!! CHeers!! Remind me.. hee..


Anonymous tRue said...

jia you for exams lahz..dun always online till too late bah

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