Sunday, July 17, 2005

He's just not that into you

2nd week of the holidays~ uni starting on 25th.. gonna do a lot of things.. part time is not within my plan.. maybe some casual work only.. did nothing much during this holidays.. only working on my general education.. read some articles.. but most of the time i am watching movies.. haa..

Recently, lots of ppl around me run into problem in their relationship.. then a girl keep telling me guy are jerk guy are jerk.. aiyo... by the way, she's recommending a book - He's just not that into you.. in this book, they are telling you about guys reaction.. so guy, there's no need for you to read it.. you know yourself better than others.. unless, maybe u want to be a better cheater.. haha..

well, all these problems around me somehow make me reluctant to step into any relationship.. seems like it will take up more times of mine.. since my result aren't good, so i should focus on my studies first.. used to think that courtship and studies should grow parrallel.. but i am now more worried about studies.. and seems like love is just an unsolvable problem by myself..

anyway, i cant comment much... but i do think guys are similar, those certain pattern of theirs.. their thinking.. although, there'll always be one of those weirdos.. READ THE BOOK!! take care all, and enjoy your holidays..


Anonymous tRue said...

hmm..wat's the author of the book huh..haha.intersted to read leh

5:22 PM  

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