Sunday, June 11, 2006

World cup and skype

Ole Ole OLe Ole... world cup started in german.. three games played so far.. a good entertainment and 'distraction' for us in the middle of exams... my first paper starting 16th.. hope it din farked me up... just watch the england vs paraguay game...
England started well but eventually cant get grip of the game, pretty exciting but disappointing to see their striker.. NO GOOD! buck up dude.. how can u play like that to win the world cup... more games coming up.. study more..

Tried installing skype today.. MSN keep hanging me up when i tried to voice call my gf in uk... wonder what went wrong.. pissed me off a bit.. So i reckon i should tried skype since it is so highly recommended..
2.5 beta has a whole lot of new features.. some interesting one like calling actual phone and sms.. however, need to buy credit.. still havent check how it works though.. but i don think i really need to use it unless it's free..
comparing skype and msn live messenger, realized that it is much more better than msn.. nicer interface, more function.. and somehow it makes me felt that it is much more smoother running.. msn is taking up too much of my system memories and sometimes it's just too slow to open it.. however, it will be much appreciated if skype could do something with the contact list so i wont have to backup my contact list.. have been losing my contact everytime i install it.. no good..
okla.. need to watch Sweden vs T&T... hope it's a good matchup.. Sweden to win by 2 goals or more? should i bet? lolz...


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