Friday, April 14, 2006

It's Good Friday

Oh.. It's good friday and easter again.. and here in australia, we are having holidays, our term break as well.. For university students, it means nothing but holidays...
As for christians, it reminds us of the sin we have done, and the sacrifices of Lord Jesus..

Today they are screening the movie by Mel Gibson, Passion of Christ free of commercial and also uncut.. This movie has certainly brought impact towards us.. the message the film trying to send over is just shocking, overwhelming.. It has always remind me of the teachings from church, always it reminds me a lot.. even until today, i still wonder i am accepting or rejecting? That's the problem of the science learning me.. I know there is this person who decides things, but i just wanted to be urge ahead, wanted more prove.. Sometimes i wonder why and i just simply forget about this.. the rebellion inside of me just simply reject and ignore the things present in front of me..

looking at the sacrifices by Him, the beatings that represents the torture we brought towards our soul.. his teaching, how can we ignore it.. i am just like the fool that bring him upon the judgement and had him crucified.. There are more and more things for me and it's out of my control.. how am i going to handle sometimes i wonder.. do i really have to rely on him.. i hate myself doing that.. but as times goes on, i think i really lack the strength.. Lord, show me the way i pray to you.. Guide me..


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