Friday, March 31, 2006

How are you feeling today?

Hm, been getting moody these few days.. My mood has been getting up and down quite often.. Though i might be a emotional person as what my friend says, but this is rather unusual.. Think i am getting a bit burnt out and stressed out.. omg, someone help me plz...

This situation has been causing trauma in between.. straining the relationship between me and others.. as u perhaps know, i am not an outspoken person.. though i tend to be aggressive at times.. trying hard to calm myself down.. but seems that things around has been bugging me.. friendship, loveship, studies.. i m pissing myself off with my own attitude.. and others as well i guess.. need to buck up, stay calm, think more, work more..

i have a lot of promises to you, if 1 day u realize that i am forgetting, please be patient with me, and remind me..
i have a lot of dreams with you, if 1 day u realize that i am drifting away from them, please be tactful and remind me..

thanks for the times u had given me so far.. i cherish every moment.. cheers


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