Saturday, November 12, 2005

Changing for the better

It's been a long time since i put something here. Everytime i feel to blog meaning something happen to me. Exams period now. Really scared for the last 2 papers. Bai tuo Bai tuo.. let me pass.. haha.. pathetic! Since the days of poly, i never really had this kind of feelings. Time for me to work hard to get the result. Time for me to forget the failures in my life.

This paragraph is specially for someone. Just hurt someone, dunno whether you will see this blog or not. I know i went overboard this time. But i dont want to hurt you in later part. I don want you to feel insecure. I am just this selfish. Forgive me. but i dont want you to wait for me for another years. Waiting is very a soul draining things. I hope to be able to remain as good friend. I know you dont like to hear the word, but i still have to say sorry.
- n -

About life, I am now trying to make things out of my life. Hoping to see something after 3 years of failing by my own standard. this is the most important part of my life. Hope things went well. Things are slowly improving. I have finally have some courage to face some facts. Thanks a lot to the challenge. Although i did take sometimes to overcome it. I am always this slow. haha..


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