Monday, May 29, 2006

A day in Sydney

Life in Sydney is pretty dull or i am dull. People around moving fast, but i am crawling like a turtle.. but like this one here..
Walkie Bits

Just watched X-Men 3 with a few frens. Thanks Justie, Gin and Selena for asking me out for the show though they might not have seen this post. Was supposed to watch Da-Vinci Code with another group of friends but somehow it was cancelled. As of why i think it's not necessary to talk bout here, it rather pissed me off.

Still got one more assignment due this week, but i seems to be stucked there with the circuit. Someone out there help me please!! Then there is also this farking stupid management report due on next week. Why do they want me to go through this torture. It's not hard, but i deem it rather unnecessary.

Laoda special going to study soon. Hope she is doing well. Felt pretty bad that i cant be with her while she is preparing for the trip. Hope things went well for her.

My circles of friends got bigger this semester. Though some old friends leave. A good thing, they are pretty crappy at times but it's fun to be with them. It's good enough to have them here with me. But friends are still friends, there's always a need to keep a distance with frens. Too close end up quarrel sometimes.

Somehow, felt that uni students are not necessary wise. Somehow, there's always this particular group of people who are childish, selfish and with no tolerance. They just simply dunno how to give in. Sometimes, when you suddenly realise ur close friend are falling in this group. What would u do? I simply don't like the ideas of confronting him or telling him. As I said, they are self-centred. So no pt ending up quarrelling with them. To hell with them, if they are going to bother me again, i will definitely erupt, no more 'Mr Nice Guy'. Ppl takes it as a convenience, and i dont like that.


Anonymous chaisy said...

ho....r u refering to ur housemate? hahah...

10:32 AM  
Blogger chinwooi said...

i am referring to u!! see i come sydney le.. hee

7:55 PM  

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