Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Anti Christ Day?

Oh, yesterday was hui meng's 25th birthday. 06 June 2006. Some said this is anti christ day, the birth of satan. Whatever, sorry bro couldn't be celebrating your birthday there. Hope you are enjoying though. Working till late, but still something to cheer bout, got my dear email and manage to chat with her after work. It's still a good day to me.

After working at Wharf Restaurant and get in touch with more caucasians (mostly Australian), finding our lifestyle are much similar. However, chinese are more reserve and not as open as them. I like being with them, fun, frank, honest and not much scheming going on. I am not trying to be like them, but i admire their strength and belief. Hopefully, i can be someone like that. I am still in search of my own life. This surely is some impact to me. ;)

2 posts in a day, talking bout different things. hee. Anyway, good day to all of you! Also, happy birthday to Eddy Tan (0606) and Louis Heng (0706).


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