Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nice food

Hoho.. writing some recipe today... Got the idea while working at the kitchen yesterday.. saw one of my fren cooking garlic butter for potato... simple but taste nice... just garlic and butter only... today got some chicken wing so i tot maybe i could have tried it also... therefore i prepare:

chicken wing
garlic chop fine
onion clove

i marinate the chicken with some sesame oil and hua1 diao1 wine and pepper, however, don think this really affect the taste if u din do it...
then put butter and the garlic into a pot... stir while heating up with mild fire.. cook till u smell the garlic, put in the onion and the carrot.. then put in chicken, stir fried with medium fire... after roughly 5 mins, change to mild fire again, and leave it for 20 mins.. cover up while waiting.. the chicken should be cook by then.. done!! i like the taste of butter and onion.. also, u can add in some chop chili if u like it to be a bit spicy..

so hard to write one recipe.. who wants to eat then i cook for u la.. haa.. mafan...

oh.. i shall post some pictures of the WHARF KITCHEN.. the place i wash plates every week.. it's somehow different from what i tot initially...

The place where i wash the plates

I look so haggard


Anonymous Anonymous said...

u fa fu liao wonder keep injured urself lah...haha..ops...anyway take care bah

1:54 AM  

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