Thursday, May 20, 2004

YEAH!!! We are in the final!!!!!!!!!

yeah man!! we are in the final of the mirosot 3 aside robotic soccer games... a really really great great achievement!!!!! the moments of us shouting GOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLSSSSS!!
the moment of seeing all the lecturer shouting together with us students and smiling together!! such a happy moments!! a really big difference from last year dejection... i can smile in my dreams!! can u imagine this, every supporter is shouting and cheering for our team and the robots try to score... okok... there's 2 main match today... the first was so close!! we lost it 6-7 in the 10 minutes exciting match.. tot we might lost the 2nd games as well... who knows first half we got 2 quick goals... then they hit one back.. we score another 2!! and we know we got a realistic chances to win the game... everyone is so nervous.. the atmosphere is just great!! In the end, we won 5-3!!!
GOALSSSSSSS.. the sounds just keep repeating in my head... hahahahahahaha...

ROWAN for once, u are the best!!! haha... one year of hard work and you make it happens!! credits to you... thanks for bringing me to such a height!! hahaa.... glad the lecturers ask me to come back and help and enjoy this great atmosphere again!!

credits to Nanyang Polytechnic also.. they really have a good control and robots.. doing all those nice movement... we are lucky sometimes... :D
great moments!! tomorrow there will be another great match coming on.. the finals and 3rd-4th placing!! hope we got more trophy... same opponents... pray hard all!!!!!!


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