Friday, April 30, 2004

Last day of work!

yeah... left one day at work.. another chapter of my life is starting..
thatz the end of my first job... quite satisfied with my own performance.. clap clap clap!!

ok! here's a funny thing that i encounter with my children..
there was once this teacher bringing forty primary one students into the lab.. and she ask for my assistance to help her guiding the students to use the pc.....
by being a 'helpful' guy, i happily went in!! the students are not very good in controlling the pc... so i thought of teaching them how to operate the pc instead of helping them to on everything...
ok, there is this cute little boy, pc started, i told him to log in using the username and password.. everything is going fine... he is to open a folder inside my computer so he can play with those educational games.. hence, i ask to double click on the MY COMPUTER icon.... i heard clicking sound, but the folder just does not seems to be opening... question marks over my head... how can this new pc being faulty so soon... and i look down at his hands operating the mouse.. he is indeed doing the double click... but in a different way, by pressing both the left and right button of the mouse!!!! hahaha.. i cant scold him, he did nothing wrong, he is double clicking the mouse... but just in a different way... lolz... having this good laugh over and over again.. naturally he does not understand this jargon... hahhaa...

btw, going back to work in Singapore Polytechnic next month... that means no holidays for me.. the lecturer are rushing me to hand in the form... a competition starting on 18th may, don't really know what i can do to help.. hopefully i can up to certain extend... good luck to me!!!!


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