Monday, April 05, 2004

What is important?

The moment you told me 'when the last man has enter, the door will be closed'....
so shall i choose to enter or remain outside? i ask myself... if i go in, but all that are close to me, are not there? what should i do? i shall only think of myself.. shouldn't me??
i m lost, but i cannot choose to ignore it.. i tell myself this is my only and last chance.. either i reject or being rejected..

the movie was an enhancement to what i have received so far.. but should i convert? shall i let the revelation go on and involve me? i dunno, bcoz there are many more things in this world that i want... i gotta make a choice... families and friends are the most important thing in this world for me.. nothing is greater than them... i failed to acknowledge his greatfulness again... bcoz it's simply not me to forgo any ties... i might be only looking on the surface, but yet it's a more direct concern!!

after all, the impact is there.. i will use my ways to help.. certain part of my life changed.. if i have to stay outside with my friends, i will stay...
i don't like the sacrificing as you say......


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