Saturday, March 27, 2004

Ai, been a long time since i really put down anything inside here... still not too used of reveal myself even on the webbie.. not really wanted to let others know what i am thinking... later i will get comments like too hard to understand, thinking really much.. but thatz me!!! how do i change it?? Being myself will still be the best for me.. haha.. i am really trying to find my own good pts. Really appreciate myself and present myself to others.. but i must own up, sometimes i really lazy to write!! hahahaha...

Em, looking friends around me, getting mate (gf/bf).. but me, when is my turn? why i am only alone with friends? haha..
tonight suddenly got this thought. Others have been saying that girls are really sensitive.. if their boys are not really putting in effort to make a relationship works, or if they are being distract, girls sense it..
but hor, i must say what boys want are just so simple.. and guys around are simple simple simple living things in this complicated world...
now, let me see.. what do we guys want:
1. a girl that we love
2. shower love on the girl
3. earn money/ get a good career
cant think of others le.. haha...
if guys are distract, they show it very easily.. and bcoz we are simple, thatz why ladies sense it.. not bcoz u are sensitive, smart or wat other dumb reasons!!!

no offense to anyone around browsing this entry. just a simple thought!!
and i m a guy, i m simple also.. don take it as i m so complicated... haha
i din find a partner or still taking my choice is just because the girls i love i cant be with her, as for others.. i just cant make my heart to stay with them...


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