Tuesday, March 09, 2004


It's been raining the whole day!
Since last nite the rain has not stop!

Rain stop all the activities, makes me sit down and think.
Thinking of what i am not supposed to, or rather the person i am not supposed to.
Done a so called test with my friends on saturday.
Cloud, sky, stars and river.
Here goes the test, put in 4 pple of the opposite sex that makes u think of these 4 items or vice versa.

Funny. Got your answer?
cloud is the person who are (will be) together with you.
sky is the person who you like(d).
stars is the person who leave u.
river is the one who like u.

I doubt the accuracy. Only get the right person for stars.
Others, dare not think!! haha...

If you have only one chance to choose the person you love,
who would it be..
I got my answer now, and i will do things that i normally won't.
May it be foolish and silly, but i just don't want any regrets.
I do not need to have any promises or answer.
May my good will reach its destination.


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