Monday, April 05, 2004

Yeah, i just came back after catching Passion of The Christ. My initial motive was not the show, but end up the impact of the show was so big that i forget my initial motive. Nothing else is more important to what i received.

All the while, i was rebelling since taking control of my own life. Rebelling the road in my own life. Now, i believe that things that are brought to me can be after all what i wanted. It might sound silly coming out of my mouth, course i always like to do not what others say.

ok, the show. The first 15 minutes was gruesome. I hate every single scene. Even wanted to skip the show. But as the show goes on, it brought back memories and all those things that was in my mind all along. I believe in God, and i now do accept him. Have always been asking a lot of question, but i now know that God is not to be question. After all, faith is not to be describe. Realize that i have wasted a lot of times. I am lucky to still have a choice. I do not know why i believe, but i believe in what He wanted to delivered. Maybe this is what i shall always do. Because since young, He was introduced to me. I have been searching all along for what it is in my life ahead lies, but it is now known that it has been with me. This is the peace that i want.

This is the first time that a show brought such a big impact to me. I can't comment on it. It just made my mind blank. The show is bloody cruel. But it is presenting the stories in the bible. True or not, it depends on what you think. But truely speaking, the uncivilised times is over, and i am glad. I don't like the sacrificing. There's no need to do so for me to believe. In the end, i don't even want to blink in case i miss out anything. The first time i sit up straight to finish a show.

I shall now opened my eyes to see what i shall see and not what i wanted to see as i am in no place to choose what i wanted and demand HIM to show.


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