Saturday, March 27, 2004

writing this entries in my small cubical now.. today are not going to be a good day for me... hahaha..
really tired today.. been sleeping less and less these days.. and i now can hardly open my eyes, and the problem is i am working~~~~~
but lucky for me, the darn win2k server system at the main is currently down.. and all my to do things gotta stop temporary. hahahahaha.. thatz why i can crap here...
hope today can sleep early.. but doubt so... can sleep by 2 late nite then i am blessed by god i think.. haha... going back later after works.. then meeting a girl, then head for home for dinner.. then have to yam cha with kouk wah, simon, hui meng and one business guy i think.. kaoz.. he better let me get my way, get on with the works.. else else else i will kneel down!! hahaha.. nola.. just praying real hard that we can agree on something and then i can start earning my first pot of gold.. hahah

oh, btw yesterday there was this sort of thunderstorm. wiu, the thunders are really near to me.. damn scaring.. all blame it on one of the new teachers.. been talking to me regarding GOD.. keke.. keep asking why i stop going church..
i say hey, i just dont find a way to keep going there k? but these have been bugging me. now i cant even have a good sleep inside train... shit.. and the thunders was like something that are going to punish me!!! my god.. i m really frightened..
ok, maybe some of u dont really know i have been to church for a good 7 years.. i acknowledge the power of God, and teached me well.. shaped my life also.. but i just doesn't felt like going.. as the teaching goes, we no need any media to get in touch with God.. right? it's about faith.. i have faith in GOD.. but i just not changing my lifestyle.. needs really much of time in there.. i probably will just have to keep it inside my heart!! and one thing, i believe i have got other things to do.. need to develope my own business thing.. gotta work hard.. going church is not a waste of time, is just not me to slow down on my career now..

k la.. gotta check my win2k server thing now.. hope it works.. else i have to sleep le.. hahahaha...


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