Thursday, April 29, 2004

2 more days

yeah yeah!! 2 more days to go!! Friday will be my last day of working.. Dunno why i am so glad to leave the school... i cant tahan the noisiness of the school!!! haha.. all the children, though they are cute, but they are too noisy!!! irritating me...
em, makes me thinks otherwise of children!! haha

actually i dont have much problem with the personnel, getting on quite good with all the teachers.. the children kind of like me also.. but dunno why i just dreaded to go work every morning i wake up... must be all those responsible on me..

just go throught the inventory, and i realise i have been taking care of appx 300 desktop, 50 pc, 40 projectors,30 visualisers and 24 printers, and there's all these software titles, cant calculate anymore... and there's much more.. 100 teachers who don't know much of IT... and i get all those yelling when any equipment just fuck up... sigh.. scary... have u ever scared of windows xp log in sound.. i heard it even when i was inside toilet... lolz...but frankly speaking, i will missed the school and everyone in my ITSS team.. GOOD LUCK WHITE SANDS PRIMARY SCHOOL--- more medals and honours and scholars to come, GOOD LUCK OPUSIT --- come back stronger and better after 3 years.. get it back from HP!!!!

no plans for my future yet, haven't got the offer letter from NUS nor NTU... think will be mid may... whereas GERMAN, i wanted to apply, but i want to look at the local uni first..
or shouldn't i.. anyway, i will be going to the DAAD (German overseas education center) during next week... a lot of things to ponder... taking each move carefully..


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