Monday, April 05, 2004

A Test

偉~What is the MOST important things in this world?~Shrieking Magician ~ Katsushiro Mitsui -san says:

there is once a lady by e name of F.. she had a husband call M..for some reason, they were being separated for very long...

then one day,F got a chance to go see M le.. she's very happy coz she really miss her husband very much.. so she took a boat for $5.. the man who drove e boat is by the name of C

when she reach her destination, C refuse to let her off her boat unless F pays him $200... but F have only $5...she raelli dunno wat to do

jus then S came by.. n told F tt if she willing to sleep with him, he will pay e $200 for her

F really miss her husband alot..then with C demand more moeny..she also stuck at e boat..cant go back she agreed to S request

then M got one good fren call H..he saw F left S..n heard tt F want to sleep with S..but he dunno why F sleep with S..he jus noe F n S sleeping relationship

so he told everything to M... M heard wat his good fren very angry..n thus decided to divorce his wife, M did nt listen to F's explanation b4 deciding to divorces her

nw pls rank all e 5 characters from e most forgivable to e least forgivable......
Post your answer inside the comment and explain why...
Results will be out soon... hee.....
Remember, think only of the story. Don't bother what the test is about... hee..


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