Monday, May 03, 2004

Resting at home

I am resting at home now.. finally, it's monday and i get to rest at home!! haha.. tomorrow is the start of another job, or i shall say back to my old trade, at Singapore Polytechnic doing programming and soldering!!

orh.. now i have i box of chocolates of rocher and i merci on my table.. plus 2 cards - thank you cards... em, rather touched by the teachers in the school!! these are all gifts from them.. really happy... plus my breakfast and also lunch... and a small ang pow.. all these little act by them made me felt that my service are up to the standard.. haha..
but there's this small scenario that mar my last day of work.. there are 2 problematic child, actually i am quite good with them, but they were caught stealing the access card to the computer lab... they were like not accepting that they were wrong...
one of them A stole the card and use it with the other boy B....

and they caught me and another teacher by surprise as they have the access to the lab.. so the teacher report it to the principal... then the boy B led the teachers to the place where they hid the cards.. and B are saying that the teacher are maligning him, crying and screaming... had a hard time to calm them down.. but dunno how to teach them.. luckily a discipline master pass by and bring them down..

they were only 12 years old, and they resort to stealing, cheating.. dunno what else they will do.. felt sad that i was unable to help them anymore.. parents really do have much more responsibility to teach their children.. teach them the right way, teach them to differentiate right from wrong


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