Wednesday, May 19, 2004

It's a hot hot day again.. the weather makes my day even tiring!! haha.. had a long day.. been for competition, got quite a good result.. hopefully tomoro also will be good.. but the travelling really makes me sick.. feeling giddy all the time.. haha.. weak!!

lucky i got the mp3 player with me for all the travelling.. hee.. then heard this song by gareth gates->With You all The Time

really nice.. read the lyrics... love it.. makes me forget everything temporary... in the mood of love.. but the problem is, there're 2 girls always on my mind while i m listening this songs... 1 is so near yet so far, the other is so far yet so near.. how to say.. there's always been this problems for me...
sad right?

unfair.. but wat to do.. all these tiredness makes me feel like settle down.. but the more i pursue, the more i wanted to know, the more complicated things can be!! anyway, certain things cannot be decided by me and myself only!! sorry if u see this post here.. i m good to u! but not u only.. sometimes i felt like betraying someone, it feel so bad..

i dunno whether i m fortunate or pathetic.. always facing this problems.. always have to make a choice.. but i m really lousy at doing this.. sigh.. but i guess i knew the answer all along.. i can't say for sure that i want to be with who.. but i do know where my feelings really do lie.. but there's always obstacles.. and there're really not enough time for me to clear it.. and it's bcoz i m dragging it, i bcome unsure of wat i want..
this is really a test to myself!! hate it! if there's a score, i think i score well below the passing marks!! :P

u once said, this is to give myself more choices.. i cant agree with u anymore.. bcoz i m not feeling secure.. i bliv any other pple feel the same too, including u...

anyone, anytime, anywhere, anyway it shall be.. but i just want u, at all the time, in my heart, by only one way.... keep u within.. keep u inside.. though there's not much time for us to spend together, but i cherish every moments.. and i hope i can let u enjoy every moment.. ?:D


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