Friday, May 21, 2004

em... yesterday lost both the matches to NanYang Polytechnic... sad right? The score? Didn't really take note of it.. only remember we scored only one or two goals in the matches.. and got plenty of goals being ruled out for charging... yet nyp just kept getting their goals.. a really big difference from the previous days... everyday is quite disappointed.. since we have come so far, why don let us take more... :)

then i spend the whole day running inside the lab.. from front to the end.. haha.. playing.. actually i was very tired.. but just doesn't want to leave yet.. just like the students.. they also stayed until very late.. theirs bcoz it's their last day at the poly.. glad to see they are enthu for the last few days.. we joke around about the good and bad things of the lab... and for me, i stayed bcoz it's the last day of this mirosot 3 a-side competition.. think no more of this project next year.. will be doing other project next week...

thank you everyone!! thank you for all the time together... Good luck to all... hope everyone do well for their future undertakings.. all the best!!!!!!!!!by the way, second best is still good enough.. i really appreciated... haha


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