Saturday, September 04, 2004

few days never been blogging, been tied down by the work and rarely have time to sleep.. so why blog.. hee..
okie, i been busy with the armyopenhouse--->>
din really have time to enjoy the whole event.. bcoz i am always busy preparing the robots.. a screw, a nut, a wire can drive me crazy and kept me occupied for at least 1 or 2 hours.. a bit shag!!! hee..
but thinking back, i have real good mates!! Yusuf, richard, samuel.. they are great!! i do enjoy being busy sometimes!! haha.. especially with these funny pple around.. hope they do enjoy my company as well..
the more busy i am, the more i am trying to look for companion.. don't know why, maybe somehow i hope there are someone to share with me the things i been doing..
regarding studies, the question that have been going through in my mind is, should i postpone for half a year? to go to OSAKA for robocup 2005.. it will be great experience.. to do something about this HUMANOID robots.. make it dance.. make it flip.. em........
love the world!! keep turning.. but don make my head turn at the same time!!!!!!


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