Saturday, August 14, 2004

You are Yellow Pegasus, who makes favorable impression to all types of people, and are down-to-earth and gentle.
You are very intelligent, and at the same time, give an impression of being very sensitive.
You are a hard working person. And tend to feel uneasy, if you don't have anything to do. Therefore, you always find some work to do.
You like to work. But this may mean that you are trying to over come your own anxiety.
You have a sense of a creator.
Your curiosity is great, and you react to changes sensitively and quickly.
You put importance on your instinct and preferences. However, you can also see things subjectively and logically.
You have very youthful sense, and can come up with plans that meet the needs of the time. But you tend to lack decision making and putting into action.
You tend to think only through your point of view, so you are not very good at making decisions relating to broader subjects.
You are not suited to take leadership.
You would be good to act as a brain in a group.When you feel high about the life, you show exceptionally strong power.
If you devote yourself to work, you can come out with exceedingly good results.

Got the above from the following webbie... how accurate is this.. somehow feel like i m the one who written all these....


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