Monday, July 26, 2004

em... i don't really know what should i write here.. at least for now, after talking to you.. did not really want to talk to u like that.. i hate myself talking like that.. but i don't really know what to say... maybe i just added someone to my 'to be forgotten' list or rather 'to be controlled when met up' list..

well, it's hard.. both are hard.. but i think it's easier to have control... afterall, i did learn some control algorithm in the project.. whether i should use DIP control, distance control.. that's another question.. after all, it's always easier.. and i have done it well the last time without those complicated yet effective algo.. haha...

actually don't really want you to see these words, or hear these things.. bcoz i know these will only add some miserable things to ur life... life is already hard enough on you.. but i must tell u that, i will learn to keep a smiling face when i think of u, heard of u or even met with u the next time.. just to tell u i know what to do, and i will take care of myself..

maybe i don have the chance to give u a plantation full of roses as promise,
but i hope ur life is always full of the most beautiful flowers in the world..
maybe i don have the chance to dance with u as i said,
but i hope u are having the most graceful dance with ur love one..
maybe i don have the chance to hold ur hands as i wished,
but i hope u are in good hands, by him...

i wish u good, i wish u e best.. adios..


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