Wednesday, June 09, 2004

the wind is strong tonight
but it just won't blow u away from my mind

the work is piling up
but it just won't take up ur place in my mind

because of you, i can give up everything i own
and because of you, i would fight to own everything

u are absolutely right, i am concentrating too much on you
put down all the works on hand
and my mind just shift to you

it's just like preprogram
u are like ROM forever there
even if i shut down and off the power

shift my attention
i wish i have the power to program my mind
think i can only do it by installing another person in
that i can keep u wrap
at least from the surface

is this what they call love
i think so but i still don't know what is it
i absolutely forgo the meaning
and i can't remember it now

i am a scorpio
and i am instinctively protective of myself
so, if anything i did
or any words i mumble hurt you
in one way or another
i am sorry


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