Thursday, June 17, 2004

never posted anything for a few days.. wanted to post a songs lyrics, if you are not the one by Daniel Bedingfield but i was too slow... a fren got it up.. sigh.. must think of somethign to write then...
NTU rejected my application, stating too much competition.. but but a lot of frens with lousier results got in.. they ask me to apply again next year.. sien 1/2... sigh... i want to appeal.. another disappointment of the year... hee..
no wonder my tummy getting bigger.. have to put in so much disappointment.. hahaha...
now looking at other plans.. going to german, waiting for nus, apply for pilot... which path to take? i also not very sure.. bro ask me to go australia.. how? felt quite wasting money.. dunno should i or should i not.. em.. em.. em..


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